Company overview

Praevomed GmbH was founded in 1996 and represents the fusion of scientific research at academic institutions and many years of experience and expertise in drug marketing and medicine.
As research based company Praevomed is operating in the field of preventive medicine with the aim of improving quality of life.
Besides the development of 2 products, distributed as food supplements in the indications cancer and diabetes, 3 dermato-cosmetics for skin damages due to therapeutic radiation (cancer) and microcirculation disturbances (diabetes), Praevomed is the owner of a worldwide patented substance, similar to BRM's, in the field of oncology in the current development Phase I.
As Praevomed has committed its capital to the research of chemopreventive agents and new innovative dermato-cosmetic products it therefore has not established own sales and marketing structures.
Consequently Praevomed cooperates with experienced partners in the German market who are distributing Praevomed`s own developments. Beyond this Praevomed is looking for suitable distribution partners worldwide.
For more information please contact Dr. med. H. Stolze, CEO, Nonnenstieg 86 , 37075 Goettingen, Germany, Phone: +49 551 2709; Telefax: +49 551 2759;

The substance

Praevomed is seeking a corporate partner with a committment to cancer therapeutics to collaborate in the funding of further clinical development in exchange for marketing rights for a worldwide patented substance.
It offers a totally new approach to inhibit metastasis formation simply by inhibition of migration, furthermore the substance causes a reversible inhibition of ras-and myc-induced neoplastic properties in transformed fibroblasts by selective down-regulation of retroviral RNA levels.
The substance is introducible into oncology for 1. prevention ( metastasis formation after RO / R1-removal of the primary) and 2. an active substance against some tumor entities, currently demonstrated for renal cell carcinoma, melanoma, prostate cancer and carcinoids.
The substance is an exciting compound which can become the cornerstone in all oncology treatment regimes and has an upside potential in utilizing as chronic treatment through its effectiveness and very low toxicity profile.
By generating the expected efficacy data this product will become a major takeover target for pharmaceutical and Biotech companies who need to enhance their oncology portfolios.